So this week I received the official responses/evaluations from my lecture at GDC 2016…  I’m mostly putting this here for future reference, but I’ll post the comments as well, just for the heck of it.

Total Headcount: 398

Session Evaluation Response:

  • Excellent — Count: 59 , Percentage: 69%
  • Good — Count: 23 , Percentage: 27%
  • Poor — Count: 2 , Percentage: 2%
  • Terrible — Count: 1 , Percentage: 1%

Attendees also provided the following additional feedback:

  • “So good, wish it had been an hour-long session!”
  • “Why is there nothing higher then excellent? Like awe inspiring or demi god like?”
  • “Really interesting and exciting tools! Awesome talk, can’t wait to see the final product when it launches and to try some of these techniques in my own work.”
  • “Very well done. Too advanced for me personally but was great fun to watch and gets sense of how these tools work. Excellent slides and visual demos. Thanks!”
  • “Great presenter with great visual material”
  • “That was great.”
  • “Brilliant! I’d love to see more like this!”
  • “Some cool stuff, well presented. Short but sweet. (Although generally I’m _NOT_ a fan of the 30 minute format these past couple of years at GDC.)”
  • “Interesting talk, not exactly the target audience but appreciated what was presented and can see how that could help the target audience.”
  • “Not excellent, but very good for sure. Amazing tips for unreal materials creation.”
  • “Lots of useful information and presented in a good pace with just the right amount of details”
  • “Great and easy to understand examples”
  • “Sharing Blueprints online would be nice.”
  • “Great info inspirational for many”
  • “Great insight into using a material heavy pipeline to help artists quickly build worlds.”
  • “Great talk with good examples. Easy to follow and solid takeaways”
  • “Great talk!”
  • “is ok, most of the non-code things are things that everyone attending should already know though, tbh”
  • “Really well explained. The tips were basic and understandable enough to be useful for most artists.”
  • “Best talk of the week for me. Great variety, comprehensible mix of high-level summary and enough detail to implement, strong examples establishing usefulness in practice. Would love to see an hour-long version with more time to plumb what each technique can do, and maybe include a sidebar with some performance metrics for the optimization geeks. ;)”
  • “Learnt an incredible amount in this talk. Excellent stuff.”
  • “It was great to see some concrete tools and shaders examples! A lot of talks should be a bit technical like this one.”
  • “Great tools! Lots of useful and interesting ideas.”
  • “Very slick”
  • “Super cool”
  • “This half hour was packed full of useful advice, and gave me all sorts of ideas re: how to improve my artists’ workflows!”
  • “Neat talk, but the title was a bit misleading. Neat shaders don’t mean tools to me.”
  • “A great set of strategies to get around some art pipeline issues in UE4. Thanks!”
  • “Nice take-aways.”